The purpose of InnoMind

To develop students’ creative and innovative mindset through event planning with fellow students.

Students have participated in activities and workshops focusing on the following themes:

  • Character strengths
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Pitching an idea
  • Event planning

Your Character Strengths


Your Mindset


Your Creative Mindset


Your Innovative Mindset


Quotes from the students


”The insight gained of how to manage and create an event out of nothing.”

”The week was a great week because i learned a lot of new things and creative ideas.”


We learned a lot about our character strengths… it gave us some personal insight and not only for this but also in future later use, we feel we can use it”

“learned about Character Strengths and how to utilize them”


“(learned) A lot of myself. Why I act like i do. Like for example to develop from a fixed to a growth mindset.”

“I also really like finding out what my mindset was like. That was nice

“How you can work with different character strength & mindsets”


”The speak from Steffie in the first day…”

“The inspiring speech we were presented to on the first day. The speaker was very invested and passionate about her work.”

Empowerment and Feedback:

I feel empowered at the end of the project (InnoMind Week) because i got positive feedback from the lecturer and i also learned a lot of new things in the entire project.”

“…At the end of the week we got a brilliant feedback which makes me feel I did a good job.”

Group work:

“Working in a big group and discuss things with different type of people is great and you will get a great end result.”

“I felt empowered when I got to choose how much effort I want to spend in this week”

“It was difficult to get all those ideas into one project because it was a lot. But to actually make it and turn it into something good was really motivating.”

Diploma of participation