Innovation is the implementation of creative ideas. It links to the initiative act and enterprising behavior of change, creating positive value for oneself and others. Underlying all development, innovation and entrepreneurship is a fundamental expe-rience of competence, initiative, and power to act on the many opportunities in life. It is about translating thoughts into action.
Basically, it is about self-empowerment.


Innovation has, together with creativity, become increasingly important for the development of the 21st century knowledge society. It contributes to economic prosperity and social and
individual well-being.

Everyone can develop an innovative mindset and inspire initiative, empowerment, and action in oneself and others.


7 strategies to follow: Seek out success experiences, pay attention to ”the next best step”, acquire self-knowledge and reflect, have the courage to fail, change habits, find and use role models, and recognize action



Success experiences: When did you last experience a success? What did this teach you?

Attention to ”the next best step: What is your ”next best step”? Who are you, what do you know, whom do you know?

Self-knowledge and reflection: How well do you know yourself, your own strengths? And how can you find people who complement you?

The courage to fail: When did you last ”fail” or make a mistake? What did it teach you?

Change habits: How can you actively celebrate mistakes? (meaning creating a culture where ”mistakes” are shared?) How can you train new ways to dare do something that is difficult?

Role models: Who do you admire? And how can you use that person more actively and bravely?

Recognition for Action: How can you celebrate and reward yourself for acting on something which you found difficult before?

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word”
– Margaret Atwood